Monday, March 26, 2018

FACE BOOK memory March 26, 2015

PINK with daughter , Pixie

Two ways to get some heat Pixie taking full advantage of sun rays with mom, PINK as a convenient prop.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

PINK + daughter , Pixie head to head 

PINK loves her fireplace

Pixie  with PINK behind

Pixie + Pink below C-dog

PINK + Cervelo

 PINK with Cervelo + Pixie

PINK + Pixie sleeping together on 1 pet bed, tight fit for Pixie who is bigger than PINK.

 PINK loving to spread on 2 pet beds 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

PINK's son, Talo and his accomplishments for 2017!!!

*What an amazing fantastic year for Talo*
Along with winning a RBIS, BOS WAC NATIONAL and BISS
Talo is #1 Male Weimaraner in Canada for 2017, #2 in Breed, #19 in Sporting Group and holds the #1 Weimaraner Breed in 3 Provinces BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Talo also earned him American Championship.
Thank you to Heidi Gervais for Handling and Caring for Talo man and Amanda Williams for Handling him at the National. Thank you to all the Judges whom recognized Talo this year.

New American Champion 


Sunday, November 19, 2017

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear PINK born Nov. 9, 2010. Who now is 7 yrs. old , a show girl, agility girl , a mother and grandmother of weim puppies.

Celebrating PINK's 7th Birthday🎈 with many fond memories her show career, her first agility show, her first litter becoming a Mom weim and now a grand mother. Wishing a very Happy Birthday to all her litter mates, Rosey, Vince, Cass ,Tibby...❤️

TALO + HEIDI at Victoria Show in Canada. Then in the US won major + Reserve needing 1 more major to have his AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP !!!

Talo and Heidi Gervais @ the Victoria Show.
Talo also won a 5 point major at Olympic Kennel Club in Enumclaw, Washington and was Reserve to the 5 point major at the Rainier Sporting Dog Show. One more Major and he will be done his AM CH.