Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PINK's first points towards an AKC CHAMPIONSHIP

CONGRATULATIONS to both Rowan Baggenstos and PINK for a successful showing at the Clackamus Kennel Club June 25, 2011 and June 26, 2011 which took place at Canby, Oregon.

CLACKAMUS KENNEL CLUB 6/25/11 PINK awarded Winners Bitch / BEST OF BREED with handler, Rowan Baggenstos. Thank you Judge Mr. Bart A Miller.

CLACKAMUS KENNEL CLUB 6/26/11 PINK awarded Winners Bitch / BEST OF OPPOSITE with handler, Rowan Baggenstos. Thank you Judge Mrs. Betty Ann P. Hale.

**show picture to follow **

Monday, June 20, 2011

PINK's home away from home......

PINK's residence has been in Graham, Washington (close to Puyallup) for the past few weeks where she is learning to be a show dog under the guidance of Rowan Baggenstos. PINK was introduced to the show ring and met her first Judge in the Puyallup / Tacoma All Breed Show June 11/12, 2011.

These are some R&R pictures of PINK at 7 months of age.

PINK's best buddy...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

PINK'S moves in PUYALLUP June 2011 while sister ROSEY, has her first show debut in Pennsylvania.

PHOTOGRAPH courtesy of Lani Jones . Thank you Lani for sharing this picture of PINK .


TACOMA KENNEL CLUB , June 12, 2011

PINK's very first show with ROWAN Baggesnstos who has returned to showing after taking time off to have her first baby, Teagan.
Teagan is also making a show debut as this is her first attendance at a dog show with Rowan and Luke.

PINK's sister, BoldROSEY was awarded WINNERS BITCH from 6-9 month class for 2 points at her first show debut, Bryn Mar KC in Pennsylvania, June 18, 2011. Thank you to JUDGE Sandra Lex from Ontario. Congratulations to owner, Amy Anderson and owner/handler, Michael Anderson.

** Show picture to follow **