Wednesday, February 4, 2015

PINK # 1 Female Weimaraner of Canada for 2014 with limited showing followed by whelping a beautiful litter, 5 pups, 3 girls and 2 boys on Remembrance Day, Nov.11th 2014.

PINK  x  ICON  pups at  8  + 12  weeks.....

TALO (black collar boy)  8 weeks old....

TALO  8 weeks +

TALO  at 12 weeks....

TALO  getting cozy with Aunt Kimber, Cervelo's daughter. Snowing outside with -5 degrees C in Prince George.

VISION (yellow collar girl)  at 8 weeks....

VISION   12 weeks

STORM (red collar girl)  8 weeks

STORM  12 weeks

STORM  is the wee weim sharing couch with friend, Stella .

HUDSON (green collar) at 8 weeks

HUDSON  12 weeks

Pixie at 8 weeks......

Pixie at 12 weeks.....

PIXIE  (pink collar girl)  12 weeks

*** for more puppy pictures please look at Rosewin Weimaraner blog site which has many more puppy pictures ***

PINK with her two daughters, yellow pup/ pink pup.

Mom  PINK  visiting with the two girls now called Vision (yellow collar) and Pixie (pink collar)

Two sisters, to left pink collar, Pixie  . To right , yellow collar, Vision waiting for flight out to Nova Scotia.

Green collar boy's pick

 The day arrives for two pups to go to their new homes, Red girl pup to Vancouver Island and Green boy to  Chilliwak..

Trying for a puppy group photo which proved to be very challenging even with just 5 pups : )

Last cuddle together as a puppy pack

 2015 - 01 06


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