Monday, May 27, 2013

PINK  doing deck patrol on the greenbelt below.

Never thought two weims could fit in this crate but as you can see it is possible. I discovered the twosome when looking for Rose who was no where to be seen.

PINK  in season with much boy attention as a girl would want or not.

PINK sharing the pet bed with Mom, Rose.

The girls, Rose /PINK together on one pet bed, Lily on her own pet bed

The  PINK  in shadows.....

Note PINK's tail...... this was her early puppy days trademark....the full stretch from paw to paw with a tail salute !

Pink with  Hugo, her best buddy.

Found  PINK with this onion skin on her nose. She did not seem to notice or try to get rid of it and as you see allowed me to take several photos . Proof of hoovering the kitchen floor !  : )

PINK  loving her yogurt  right to the bottom of the container

Another  PINK stretch.....


Rear view of  PINK

PINK,  loves to cuddle and get her ears rubbed.....

PINK  and  Hugo

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