Saturday, May 18, 2013

PINK's brother, Cassiar Am/Can BronzeGCH RoseWin Benelli Bring On The Birds as a JH ......


Cassiar ("Cass") age 2 yr 4 mos, Bronze GCh Ch/Can Ch RoseWin BenelliBringOnTheBirds heading off start line, in 1st brace, first day of a 2 day, 4 leg, Junior Hunting Test.

Handler, Lyle Aune, in the back field off of start line, Cass is in front)

Trainer, Randy Hall, in the Judge's seat for 2nd day, last leg! Thank you so very much for all of the great work with both Ziegler and Cassiar - they amaze us more every day!

Lyle, showing the qualifying ribbons for 3 of 4 legs during the weekend! We believe that Cassiar will be a Junior Hunter after our next hunt test 4/20-21 in West Alexandria, OH!!! We have our paws crossed!!!

Julie Aune on left with Ziegler; Lyle on right with Cassiar (please note Cassiar's intent gaze on the very dead, very still quail on the grass!!!)

Happy handlers, happy dogs!!!!

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